Homesteading In The Pacific Northwest

Monday, October 8, 2012

Harvest Monday ... They're Ba...ack!!

I really did have the best intentions of keeping my blog up to date ... but we had an unusually long, warm summer here in the Pacific Northwest which resulted in ...

I have been spending my days the last couple of weeks harvesting and preserving tomatoes without much time for anything else ...

This is what I picked just this morning ...

Today I'm going to do the harvest side of the tomato report and join with the other gardeners on Daphne's Dandelions and then for Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard with Robin I'll share photos and recipes for all the goodies I have been putting up.

First, the Keepers.

The star performer this year was San Marzano.  The plant, a semi-determinate heirloom, was a gift from my gardening friend Dorothy and will be on my "must grow" list from now on.

I have harvested close to a hundred of these pear shaped paste tomatoes and there are still at least that many still ripening on the plant!

Another winner was Amish Paste.  Another heirloom, this was my first year growing this variety and it's a definite keeper.

These are really big paste tomatoes.  It is a late season variety and I need to remember to get it started early so all of the fruit can ripen before the first frost.

An oldie but goodie, my Cherokee Purple outperformed itself this year ...

Another heirloom, these are huge beefsteak tomatoes ... great tasting and great for slicing onto a hamburger or BLT.

Another gift from Dorothy, Indigo Rose was a bit of a surprise.

The fruits are much smaller than I expected them to be, but their unusual color and taste made them a perfect addition to a salad.

And finally another all time favorite, Sweet 100.  There have been many "upgrades" to this variety but the original is still my choice for a cherry tomato.

And the list of "don't bother with these again" ...

Oregon Spring: grows and produces well but the fruits are tasteless and a bit meally.

Sungold: I just don't like the way these taste.

Saucy Paste: not as prolific as Amish Paste or San Marzano and much smaller fruits.

Brandywine: I can never get this one to grow well.

The "give them one more chance" list ...

Siletz: plants were mislabeled and accidentally discarded.

Stupice:               ditto

Micro Tom: I over planted the basket.

And finally the list of "new to me" that I will try next year ...

Bloody Butcher, Moskovich and Marmande.

That's it for the tomato harvest report of 2012 ...