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Monday, April 19, 2010

Raised Bed and Container Garden...

Last spring Mike made a raised bed vegetable garden for me in our back yard.  The raised beds make it possible for me to garden while seated on a small rolling cart...

We had four beds the first year and were amazed at the amount of food we were able to grow.  This spring we have added two more raised beds and are experimented with covering them to allow for earlier planting.

 beets, salad onions and bok choi

We are experimenting with other containers for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers inspired by a book I recently purchased:

I loved the thought of growing vegetables and fruit in recycled or easily made containers.  Here are my strawberries in an old crate:

We  made cages for the potato and lettuce bed...

We will continue to add more moss and soil to the cages as the potatoes grow to give the plants plenty of room for lots of great spuds!

 peas, carrots, potatoes, beets and spinach

the herb garden with pvc pipe supports for a cover

Mike even modified the old pump house so that I would have a warm place to start seedlings...

I'll keep posting more photos as we add more plants and the garden grows.



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