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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just a thought...

This is a bit off my usual topics for this blog, but, what the's my blog : )  We won't know until all the mail in ballots are counted, but it looks like Washington State's Referendum 71 is going to pass, which I believe is a very good thing. R-71will give equal rights to all registered domestic partners. I was reading some of the pros and cons in the local press and had a thought. I believe that what we need is a new definition of the word “marriage”.

I think we ought to define a “domestic partnership/civil union” as two adults who sign a contract making them equally responsible for all debts and giving them equal access to all all the other legal stuff that goes with with the condition formerly defined as “marriage”.

And let's define “marriage” as the blessing that a church/religious group bestows upon certain “domestic partnerships” according to each particular religion's specific beliefs.

It seems to me that this would uphold our nation's doctrine of separation of church and state and end a whole lot of squabbling over something that ought to be a given in this country; that all persons have equal rights under the law.

Just my two cents (whatever that's worth these days).




  1. What a splendid logical solution.
    My partner and want full rights in a legal secular light but we choose not to have a religious "blessing"
    And thn aks for being a supporter of dp
    rights in WA