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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Product of Where??!!

One of my Facebook friends, Gordon Uyehara, posted some information about the American Food Industry that really upset me.  I used to drive from Federal Way to Seattle to shop at Whole Foods, because I thought I was getting better, healthier food and doing my part to "shop local".  So imagine my distress when I saw this:

I went to the Whole Foods web site to see if they had any information about this, but couldn't find any...what I DID notice is the VERY FEW of the products in our local ad mention the word "local" ( actually, only of them was for beer and none of them were produce )...

But I did find something that made me chuckle on their website, a statement that said:
"If you don't know the story behind your food,don't eat it."

I agree with that!!  I'm going to be working more and more on being able to say "Product of Deb's Garden"...and I will be sharing my learning process with you here on my blog...

And remember...
"The best way to change corporate America is with your checkbook!"


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