Homesteading In The Pacific Northwest

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This Week On The Farm ...

On Sunday I cleared out the last of the Asian greens that had bolted in Bed #4, amended the soil with some compost and chicken manure and planted 196 carrots (Mokum) on seed mats (thanks, AG, for the Seed Mat Tutorial ... this is so much easier on my hands with the smaller seeds).  As I was making the seed mats I realized that I have never posted a photo of the way I organize my seed packages...

 The Mason Jar box came with cardboard dividers between the jars ... exactly the size of most seed packs.  I group them by root crops, lettuces, brassicas, bush beans, pole beans, peas etc.  And yes, I do have to admit that I am compulsive when it comes to buying seeds ... I probably need intervention ...

Yesterday I made seed tapes for more lettuces; 10 each of Spock, Sulu, Red Sails and Speckles (Yes!  I am growing Spock and Sulu! How cool is that?  I wonder if there is a lettuce called Enterprise?  I need to Google that : )   I also got some of my fall/winter brassicas started in soil blocks ... I have more to do today; my fall seed order from Johnny's is here.  I'll have a few more when my fall seed order from Territorial arrives ... yes; I ordered more seeds ... I'm hopeless ...

I transplanted out some of the leek starts (Lexton) that have been growing under lights in the potting shed ... I added 20 leeks to Bed #6 ...

... and 10 more next to the newly planted carrots. 

There is an open spot in the bed for fall/winter beets and turnips that I will be planting in the middle of July.  I find it hard to leave a "hole" like that empty ... I just want to plant something in it ... now!!

Today I am going to put a Carlos Nakai CD on my boombox and get out there and and do some serious weeding.  It is a weekday and all the neighbors are at work so I can turn the volume up : )  Do you listen to music while you garden?



  1. Oh, I wish! I have all my favorites on my iPod, but if I take it outside to garden it never fails Mr. Granny wants to talk to me, or the phone rings, and I don't anything with music in my ears. So...I garden in silence.

  2. Good luck with this. Everything I plant dies. :(


  3. I see that you have mostly Territorial seeds. I've been very happy with the performance of the seeds I bought from them this year.

  4. I have a outdoor speaker that is tucked under the eave of the house that my husband pipes (wireless) our XM radio to. I listen to Spa and to NPR mostly as it makes great background music while I am working in the garden. I only turn it on when I plan to spend some real time in the garden though or on the deck.

  5. How about planting a cover crop?

  6. What a great idea with the mason jar box! I have a seed addiction too!