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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

None of the Above: A Proposed Constitutional Amendment

I'm going to go a little bit off topic again.  I've been watching what is going on in Washington and I'm really disappointed...I was so hoping that "change" meant a real commitment to ethics and morality.  I hoped that The People's agenda might finally have some meaning (you know, as in WE THE PEOPLE...).  But it's business as usual in Washington...back room deals making in exchange for votes or backing with the portions of the health plan that The People were in favor of stripped away to satisfy one special interest after another and the other issues important to US put on a back burner...

This Supreme Court ruling that will only make the possibility of true change in Washington even more remote:
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34983042/ns/business-answer_desk/  ... (update 1/20/2014 ... this link is no longer live ... I was referring to the "Citizen's United" decision)

With big business and big unions calling the shots, the will of The People hasn't got a chance...unless...

I'd like to propose a change in our election system. What if we add another “party” to the ballot..."None of the Above”... For the Presidency and Congress, “None of the Above” will be added to the ballot alongside “Republican” and “Democrat”. This would require an amendment to the Constitution, but I think WE THE PEOPLE might just be able to get the ball rolling...WE THE PEOPLE... with our Facebook posts, our Twitters and our Blogs...(post "None of the Above" as your Facebook status, Twitter "None of the Above", copy and post this entry or a link to it on your own Blog")...who knows, maybe we could find someone in Congress brave enough to sponsor the bill.

And what if “None of the Above” wins??...then there has to be a new election within 90 days with none of the candidates from the previous election allowed to run...except of course for “None of the Above”.

If the folks up in Washington actually thought that they might loose their monopolies on our political institutions,  The People might have a real say in our Democracy...

And just one more thought to add to the above ... we need to fix it so they don't get their big pension/benefits package unless they get elected to a second term ... that way if they make promises they don't keep and we vote them out they don't get the bennies ... might just make a few of them think twice about lying to us in order to get elected ...

Just my 2 cents, whatever that's worth these days...


1 comment:

  1. It's been very frustrating to be sure. I am all for free enterprise and business but I am not interested in turning over our government and our lives to corporations. They do not have a conscience, are not invested with ethics, and have only one purpose which is to make as much profit as is possible and to push the limits to do that.