Homesteading In The Pacific Northwest

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello from my potatoes....

This was my raised bed planted with lettuce and potatoes in mid-March.

And this is the same bed today...

The wire cages have really done a good job of keeping the plants upright.  Some of them are already flowering...we can dig up some new potatoes soon :)




  1. WOW Deb, that's fantastic!! Now I'm really bummed I didn't get mine started and probably won't get to it this year, too much going on right now. I covered it with weed block so it wouldn't just grow weeds. I love seeing the progress, awesome!!

  2. Woooohhhh!! :o) Did you keep filling the potato cages w/ soil? AM I right thinking that if you keep filling it the potatoes will grow off the stalk - or am I thinking about something else?

    Looks amazing!!

  3. Cindy, I filled most of the cages about a third up with soil and yes, the potatoes grow on the portion of the plant between the seed potato and the soil surface, so more soil, more potatoes!