Homesteading In The Pacific Northwest

Monday, January 31, 2011

Harvest Monday....And Three More Raised Beds!

This will be the last harvest from the fall/winter bed....we have taken the cover off and are disassembling the bed in preparation for some landscaping work.  We are supposed to get an Arctic Blast tonight...temps down into the low 20s... so I harvested all that was still growing, enough lettuce for a nice salad and Asian greens for a stir fry.

 I'm joining other bloggers over at Daphne's Dandelions as we share our weekly's fun to see what others are harvesting and what they are cooking up with it...check it out!

And on to the new raised beds!  I'm hoping to push my spring planting along very early with hoops and row covers.  Mike finished up the last three raised beds for the backyard on Saturday...

This what it looked like after we took out the old beds....

Mike built the boxes in his shop and then we carried them out to the yard. Here Mike is installing the hoops....

And here are the finished beds (why does this photo remind me of 1960's television???  OH! Westward Ho!  Circle the wagons! )  The bed in the foreground is going to be for my indeterminate tomatoes and will have trellises with a high hoop cover installed later in the season.

The center bed is going to be my pea patch and the last one will have Asian greens.  I'll be planting these up very soon with what I have started in the greenhouse....




  1. The garden trug with beautiful fresh greens is picture perfect. :D

    The new beds turned out great. Congratulations on getting them done and Mike did a great job with the framing.

  2. Beautiful greens. It must be so nice to have your beds done. I know I was really happy when I got mine in.

  3. Your new garden beds look great. What beautiful Asian greens and reds. It's so nice to see the bright red greens.

  4. It's great having the beds done. I'm lucky; my husband loves to build things :) Japanese food is Mike's favorite, so one of the new beds is going to be completely devoted to Asian Greens...I'm glad they are so pretty!