Homesteading In The Pacific Northwest

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Fungus Among Us....

Here's what I did instead of watching the Super Bowl....

I ... ummm ..."acquired" ... some alder logs (have chain saw, will travel)....

I drilled 50 holes in each of four logs and stuck a plug spawn (Shitake and Pearl Oyster) dowel  in each hole....

I sealed the holes and the ends of the logs with melted beeswax...

And stacked the logs in a shady all I have to do is wait....and wait...and wait...and it is supposed to look like this:



  1. I think I will try that next fall. I am doing the indoor box of button mushrooms this spring, but I have some alder logs I could use and this would be a fun next phase of the fungus growing experimentation. Keep us posted on how this comes along.

  2. Good luck with your mushrooms. I always thought about doing this at my old house. We had lots of oak trees some of which I could use. But I never did. Now I have only one little maple on my lot.

  3. Time well spent....much better then watching the Super Bowl!!

  4. I've been intrigued about growing mushrooms for a while, so your post is very interesting to me. There isn't much written about growing them in Florida, but I think it would be doable. I'll be coming back to check on their progress! :)


  5. Laura: I ordered my plugs from Territorial...but the packages came from Fungi Perfecti which is right here near Shelton...they have a bigger selection and better prices...

    Daphne: oak is actually the preferred wood if you can get it...

    Robin: Agreed!

    Mary: the photo on the Fungi Perfecti site was taken in Florida!