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Monday, February 27, 2012

Harvest Monday ... and the First Planting Update

I'm joining other bloggers over at Daphne's Dandelions as we share our weekly's fun to see what others are harvesting and what they are cooking up with it...check it out!

I won't have a harvest from the garden for quite a while yet ... my arthritis flare up in the fall kept my fall/winter garden from getting planted (I didn't even get all the fall cleanup done ... it's a mess out there that I am just starting to tackle).  We are still eating from our frozen and canned stores, though.  I made lasagna rolls with some of the Oven Roasted Tomato Sauce Saturday night and (Whoo Hoo!)  my first  homemade ricotta cheese!  It came out great but was unfortunately camera shy (next time, I promise :).

The first of my seedlings are starting to sprout in the potting shed ...

And today the weather was nice enough for me to get the first of the raised beds prepared ...

... and planted my first batch of carrot seeds.  FitzGyver made me some new "Square Foot" planting jigs that I think I am really going to like using.  I have one with nine holes per square foot and another with sixteen.  These are going to be great both for direct seeding and for spacing transplants.

My first 32 carrots were quickly seeded  ...

... and tucked in under a germination mat.  I'll start checking for germination in a few days and remove the mat once the first seedlings appear.

I put the plastic cover back over the bed ...

... and that's one bed started, only 5 more to go!



  1. Love those jigs to space your plantings!
    What carrots did you plant? I've been growing 'Little Fingers' Baby Carrots this winter - in containers, covered at night with plastic sheeting. Small, flavorful, easy to grow carrots. Most enjoyable to pull a few fresh to add to a salad.
    I've just sown radish seeds and set out onion bulbs. Still too cold here for much else right now.
    Happy Gardening!
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. Very nice. I won't be starting carrots for another couple weeks, IF I can find anywhere to put carrots.

  3. YAHOOO!!! Congrats on your planting AND your cheese. I wish I had time and effort for homemade cheese - that would be SO COOL!

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