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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shhhh ... Don't Tell FitzGyver ....

Those of you who read my post on February 28 have probably figured out that I'm pretty pissed that the US Government gave Monsanto the OK to use me (and you ... and your kids) as lab rats.  Well, I'm even more pissed after reading the articles on ABC News about the "pink slime".

 I have several packages of ground beef in my freezer that I bought at Safeway ... and since Safeway won't deny that they contain that crap, I have to assume that they do.

As a result of the double whammy of discovering that 70% of the food at the grocery store contains GMOs and 70% of the ground meat contains "pink slime"  ...(what is it with that 70% thing, anyway?) I am embarking on a mission to remove all processed, "pink slime containing" or possible GMO foods from my pantry, freezer and refrigerator.  I hope you enjoy following along ... I've got a feeling it's not going to be easy ....

Fortunately, FitzGyver doesn't read my blog very often ... so he doesn't know that big changes are coming.  Any ground beef in the freezer is going to be dog food (which is what that stuff used to be sold for until someone got the bright idea to feed it to school children instead).  And I won't be shopping at Safeway again ... if they can't give an honest yes or no answer to the question of whether they use "pink slime" it makes me question the quality of the rest of their products.

So ... my first No GMO, No "pink slime" post ... Lasagna Rolls with homemade ricotta cheese will be coming soon ...

Enjoy ...  well, not really ....  Live Long and Prosper!


  1. Good for you! I don't have much here that may contain any GMO's or that pink crap. Any possible culprits will be replaced!

  2. Until recently, I had NO IDEA that this "Pink Slime" could be in ground beef in our supermarkets. We don't eat a lot of ground beef but will try to either grind our own or buy from a local source up the road.

    Hannaford Supermarket (owned by Delhaize) has posted this response on their facebook page on March 8th:

    Hannaford Supermarkets: Hi Facebook. We've gotten a few questions today about lean finely textured beef. We do not add lean finely textured beef at store level as part of the grinding process. Our 80% Ground Beef and our Nature's Place Ground Beef do not contain it. However, because the inclusion of lean finely textured beef is common nationally and approved by USDA as safe, we cannot rule out that some other ground beef may contain this food product. Hope that answers your questions. Have a great night!!

  3. I'm going with that all bought at grocery store is tainted. I'm going to start grinding my own. We don't eat much ground beef, but sometimes you gotta have it like for meatloaf and Italian meat sauces. We have only been eating buffalo burgers for the past oh maybe 5 years. We love them and they're lower in calories than turkey!

    I'm cking into your followed blogs as I'm making healthy food more of a priority than ever.