Homesteading In The Pacific Northwest

Friday, April 20, 2012

Greenhouse Update ...

The greenhouse is starting to fill up!

I have a station for potting in the least sunny corner ... and my boombox :)  Tomatoes and peppers under lights at the far end of the shelf.

More tomatoes, peppers and some eggplants under the snazy grow light that came with the greenhouse kit.  The potatoes are still sittin' and chittin' while my hanging baskets are starting to look really good.  Yep!  Deb's a happy camper!  Thanks, FitzGyver!



  1. The greenhouse looks great! I am so jealous!!

  2. Am so jealous I could spit! You lucky woman to have a FitzGyver.

  3. I so want your greenhouse! I like the shape...what's it called?

  4. Your greenhouse looks wonderful! What a fun place to pot up your plants and seedlings.

  5. it's a gardeners cave! You are getting all settled in and making it your own. I love having my greenhouse - it adds lots of options and a dry warmish place to step out of foul weather and during the chillier portions of the spring and fall.

  6. Oh wow! I would just bring my laptop in and stay in there all day. It's wonderful.