Homesteading In The Pacific Northwest

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Harvest Monday...and look what we found!

I actually do have a harvest!  Basil from my greenhouse...

...this was chopped and went on top of a Thai Beef Curry...that unfortunately (not) was so good that I didn't take the time to photograph time, for sure!  I'm joining other bloggers over at Daphne's Dandelions as we share our weekly's fun to see what others are harvesting and what they are cooking up with it...check it out!

I'm really excited to show you our discovery.  Back in February Laura, the "kitsapfreedomgardener" wrote a blog post about "Pushing Back The Jungle".  It got me to thinking about what might be under our own "jungle"....

This is a photo I took of my raised beds last fall...

See all that greenery (mostly salal) coming right up to the back of the beds?  Well...this was taken today....

The covered beds in front are in the same place as the old beds.  But lo and behold there is a fence (an old, falling down, rickety fence) between our property and the neighbors' and a whole lot of room for ...more raised beds, of course!! The upper two covered beds are already planted with peas and carrots in the first bed and Asian Greens in the second.  The third covered bed will be planted with potatoes on St. Patrick's Day (an annual ritual).  The new 4 x 8 bed is deeper than the others (11") and is destined to be a home for my leeks and onions. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the new 4x4 bed yet...Yes!  Possibilities!! My beans will be planted in the bed next to the fence with the trellises and there will be two more potato boxes soon....I bought the "Cage Collection" from Irish Eyes Garden pound each of Desiree, All Blue, Burbank and Yellow Finn.  They are on tray in the house pre-sprouting in preparation for their holiday performance.

I have to be honest.  I can't take credit for exposing this wealth of plantable ground...we found a "garden fairy" ...a local woman with gardening and landscaping experience who has made us her newest "project".  I help with the work as much as my arthritis will allow and I'm going to do all the planting and care of the beds...but she is performing wonders that my hands are no longer capable of...wait until you see what she is building for us down by the lake...but that will be another post :)



  1. now THAT is a harvest - of the best sorts. An amazing find there. Congratulations on the new found space!

  2. Wow, your garden expansion looks great!! I'm sure that you will find plenty of things to plant in that new 4 x 4 bed!!

  3. It is always good to have more space! I'll bet you will have no trouble filling it.

  4. Oh my! If your garden fairy wants some down time in California send her my way! Your garden is beautiful!

  5. Thanks, Barbie :) I think fresh basil all year round is all the excuse anyone needs for having a greenhouse!

    Robin, are right...I have already rounded up a few suspects and just have to narrow it down....artichokes?? rhubarb??

    Lynda, I think my garden fairy is pretty determined to stay in gray, misty Washington...but wait until you see what she is doing on the other side of the house...I now call the raised beds in the back of the house "The Farm"..."The Garden" is going to knock your socks off!

  6. I can dream of fresh basil, but all I'm eating is frozen from last summer. Soon they will get started though. I can't wait for later this week. I'll be making a lot of soil blocks and seeding them up.