Homesteading In The Pacific Northwest

Monday, March 14, 2011

On the lighter side...too much of a good thing?

First I want to state categorically that this is NOT MY FAULT!  Blame Johnny's...blame Territorial...blame Irish Eyes.  I really don't think I'm a compulsive seed starter...  Last year I bought my seeds according to what was on sale...and my results were pretty dismal.  This year I bought from seed companies with good reputations, but still started at least three times as many as I thought I would need (just in case).  And had almost 100% germination!

These would be some of my ninety-four ( yes, that would be 94!!) tomato seedlings.....

Asian Greens...Joi Choi, Mizuna, Orange Mini Cabbage....

More Asian Greens in the overflow starter houses on the deck...

And more Asian Greens in the mini hoop house....I think you get the picture...I figure sometime in early
April I'll be looking for homes for a lot of seedlings...any adoptive parents out there in the
South Puget Sound area??   :)



  1. Seed starting is addictive. I've got it bad myself! I tell myself it could be worse - at least we get to eat what we sow!

  2. I always over plant the tomatoes because some years I lose quite a few along the way. It has become an annual event - that I do a tomato plant give away for my staff (who get first choice) and if any are left then I give them away to other employees in teh company. I never have any to bring home afterwards. :D

  3. The seed addiction is totally understandable!! I too tend to grow some extra plants just in case and end up with way too many. This year I decided that I will sell any additional tomato and pepper plants at the nearby flea market.

  4. 94 tomato seedlings lol. I do have a lot of seedlings though. My main excess this year will be peppers. I don't think I'll be up to 94 though. More like 50.

  5. Just a couple extra 'maters, huh? *snicker*

  6. Hmmmm......I only have 20 basil plants started...I was thinking of starting a few more I need intervention?