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Monday, April 18, 2011

No Harvest Monday...and FitzGyver again...

I had no harvest this week ...   actually not much gardening or cooking or much else going on.  I did a face plant last week stepping over the threshold from the dining room onto the tile floor in my studio (or actually NOT stepping over, but running my right big toe right into the threshold).  I've been more prone to falling since I had my knee replacement ... the new knee just doesn't react the way the old one did and I feel off balance all the time.  This was the worst fall to date ...I landed right on the new knee .. and in trying not to land on the knee twisted and messed up my back and neck and must have tried to break my fall with my hands because both wrists ache  And then I put on my brave face, took some pain meds and went with my husband to his company dinner the next evening (not particularly bright of me).  So now I am laid low, alternating between pain meds and white wine (I'm convinced the wine works better) to get me through the day and waiting for my poor bruised body to heal....*sigh*

Since I have no harvest to share  with the folks at Daphne's Dandelions this week, I thought I would share a couple of photos I took early last week instead.  I was finishing up my early spring planting and reorganizing my potting shed and greenhouse.  The potting shed is also the pump house for our well.  It was in need of repairs last year so Mike (aka FitzGyver) enlarged it and added extra insulation so it would act as a potting shed for me as well.  I had my FitzGyver'd germination stand in my little pop up greenhouse and had decided to move it to the potting shed for convenience.  As long as I had it out I took some photos...

Here you can see how Mike attached a power strip to the side of the fixture ... the lights are attached to the underside of the shelves which can be adjusted... moving the rods (metal in this case but wood dowels would work as well) from one set of holes to another drilled in the framework (DH does nice work ... I love being married to an engineer : )

Here is the pump house/potting shed...

...I gleaned the trays and pots from a local nursery that went out of business (they were going to take them to the dump!)  The blue tub by the door holds vermiculite, perlite and other soil amendments).

There is a counter with a light fixture for seedlings and for me to do my potting with room underneath for storage...

And room behind the door and beside the pump for my germination stand ... and I don't have to feel bad about keeping it warm in there for my plants ...  it's a pump house ... it has to be kept warm so the pump doesn't freeze (OK...maybe I raised the temperature on the heater just a few degrees  : )


PS:  The finches are back!  Three days earlier than last year : )  Summer, I hear you singing ...


  1. I really love your pumphouse: potting shed. I have a pumphouse that I've been storing my pots, shovels, chicken feed and hoses in...I think I should start fixing it up to be more yours.

  2. Ouch! That sounds like quite a crash and burn you did. I hope the mending starts soon and you are back to your old self once again.

    Love the FitzGyver'd garden solutions! That seedstarting stack is excellent and gives you lots of room for starts which is always at a premium during the peak of seed starting season.

  3. Get well soon! And thanks for the pics of your potting shed and light stand. Great work!

  4. Oh, I do hope you heal quickly!

    Loved your plant shelves, and "borrowed" the pictures for a possible future project. Now I need to find a FitzGyver!

  5. My goodness, I hope you feel better soon. Just keep that wine's much better for you then pain killers :)

    You really have your pump house set-up nice for your gardening needs. FitzGyver did a great job on your shelves!

  6. Thanks for the get well wishes, everyone. I slathered myself with one of my herbal salves last night and went to bed early and feel better today.

    Carol, you are welcome to the pictures of the plant shelves ... I "borrowed" your seed mats and tomato buckets :)

  7. Oh ouch! I hope you get better soon. I can't even take NSAIDS anymore. The side effects are too bad, so I'm with you. Wine is a good alternative.