Homesteading In The Pacific Northwest

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garden Pests ...

I'm trying to grow an organic garden ... I do pretty well keeping the slugs and other pests at bay...but look what I found this morning!!!

That would be my 14 year old Maltese, Taffy, grazing in one of my potato boxes!

So...does she look guilty because she knows she was caught in the act?  Or does she look smug because she knows that she's Mom's baby and she's going to get away with it?

And, yes, I do have the garden fenced off to keep the dogs out, I'm the one who let her in ... to keep me company ...



  1. I'd vote for smug. She's such a pretty girl, I'll bet she can get away with it too!

  2. Hand in the cookie jar and I don't care if you see me... That's my bet.

  3. Our dog Spotty who passed away more than a year and a half ago now, used to always get into my potato bed because I use bonemeal for fertilizer for that crop and she could not resist that delicious "bone" smell. She made such a mess some years it was really frustrating. "Pest" and "Pet" are really only one letter apart from one another!

  4. Smug would be right ... the last time I got really upset with her was when she was a year old and chewed up my brand new Easter pink pumps ... and she got away with that, too ...

    Laura, I think she likes the "dead fish" smell of my compost ... :)