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Monday, June 11, 2012

Harvest Monday ... and "The Farm" in June

This is today's harvest ...

A crisp head lettuce, a cabbage, some radishes and the first of the garlic scapes.

The lettuce and radishes will be in a salad tonight and I'll make a stir fry with the cabbage later in the week. 

The garlic scapes went straight into some white wine vinegar with some basil.  They will sit in a dark place for about a month and then I'll have a lovely flavored vinegar for salad dressing and flavored cheeses.  Don't you just love my pretty new Weck Jars?

I'm joining other bloggers over at Daphne's Dandelions as we share our weekly's fun to see what others are harvesting and what they are cooking up with it...check it out!

"The Farm" is looking great!

Here's a shot taken across four of the raised beds.

I have harvested the Asian Greens that were in the back of this bed, so all that is left is some celery, lettuces and radishes.  I need to replant with the next crop of carrots this week.

The first crops of carrots and beets are sizing up!

Broccoli, peas and cabbages looking good.

I'm still covering the tomato bed at night ... the indeterminates have outgrown the hoops so I had to add an extra riser.  Temperature are supposed to be warming up so I hope to stop having to cover them before they outgrow the riser!  Of course, no sign of tomatoes yet ... :(  Do you see the open vent and fan in the greenhouse in the background?  The vent automatically opens and the fan comes on if the temperature in the greenhouse goes above 80 degrees.  Have I mentioned lately that I love my greenhouse?  Thanks, FitzGyver :)

Tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and tomatillos in the greenhouse ...

There are three Micro Tom tomato plants in this basket.  Look how many blossoms there are on these tiny tomato plants!  I have high hopes for this variety to be a winter producer in the greenhouse under lights!

Wine barrel potatoes looking good!

More potatoes and horseradish sizing up.

The garlic is almost ready for harvest ... I think 2 or 3 more weeks.

And the latest addition to "The Farm" ... a temporary pole and runner bean trellis.  No sign of germination yet but I expect to see them any day if the weather continues warm.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the progress with "The Farm" so far.
Next week I'll give you an update on "The Garden" ...



  1. such a beautiful garden! And I love your large cabbage and lettuce. Mine are all eaten by bugs this year.

  2. Green that is GREEN with envy. But, my windowsill herb garden is doing well after I bought starter plants. Except the cilantro, it is doing very well from seed.

  3. The "farm" is growing beautifully.. you have me wondering now what constitutes "the garden"?! Our garlic scapes are just making their appearance so I hope to be enjoying them very soon too.

  4. Everything is looking good at your place! I"m picking Princepe, Snow White and Red Currant tomatoes from plants started in Jan. My big tomatoes are just beginning to set fruit but I didn't get them started until March. Next year I'll get them done in Jan too.