Homesteading In The Pacific Northwest

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Garden Update ...

I've spent the last week "puttering" in the garden ... nothing really big is going on right now; I'm just weeding, feeding and playing with some new ideas.

I decided to try direct seeding of some Asian Greens (Joi Choi, Tatsoi, Chinese Cabage and Mizuna) using Annie's Granny's seed mat/tape method.  And I had an idea about making sure that the paper I used for the tapes would dissolve quickly ...

I also had an idea about using seed tapes for planting carrots ...

I set down the tape with the carrot seeds, covered it with a thin layer of soil, watered gently and then cut a piece of clear plastic sheeting and laid it over the soil to keep the moisture in.  I can see through the plastic to check for germination or see if the soil is drying out.  I also laid a soil heating cable on top of the plastic, just to speed things along.

I've been working on the drip system for the raised beds ...

All of the beds on the right side of the garden are now hooked up ... I still need to add another line for the beds in the front and into the greenhouse.  Aren't my peas pretty?  Look at all those blossoms!

I've also added  drip emitters (the little red thing in the photo below) to 
 the potato boxes ...

These are the potatoes from my potato box experiment.  They are about three times the size of the ones I started without a heating mat ... I need to add a fourth board to the box any day now!

I borrowed another idea from Granny; her "Bottomless Tomato Bucket" method for some of my tomatoes ...

These are determinate tomatoes, so they don't need a lot of caging ... the buckets will keep the tomato foliage up off of the other vegetables planted there.  I'm going to add individual drip emitters to the tomato buckets the same as I did for the potato boxes ...

The sun is shining today ... my garden chores are done ...I'm goin' fishing : )



  1. Heh! You just made me feel famous! I'm glad you made note the paper needs to dissolve easily. One reader had miserable luck...she used Brawny paper towels!

    I wish I'd put my determinates in buckets. I ran out of buckets :-(

  2. Yep, that Granny definitely has some good ideas! I'm still up in the air on how I'm going to support all of the tomatoes at the plots.

    I hope you had a good time fishing!

  3. AG, I have 2 determinates in buckets and 3 in the terrace garden without supports; I'll keep an eye on those ...

    Robin, I caught 2! Sitting in my paddle boat just off the end of my own dock ... with an eagle flying overhead hoping it could snatch my catch!

  4. AG has given all of us a lot of really great ideas. I like how you took it up another notch by using the marine tissue. Good thinking!

  5. Interesting to see how your garden is shaping up in Shelton. I'm in Carnation. Planted my carrots last month and they finally have their first true leaves.

  6. Hi Kelly! I just looked at the Weather Underground calendar for Carnation ... lucky you! You've had way more sun and warmer temps than here in Soggy Shelton ...
    This is my third planting of carrots ...I used soil blocks for the first one and started them in the greenhouse; they are almost 6" high now! The second planting with a seed mat is doing well, almost an inch tall ...

  7. Laura, between you and Carol I've gotten a pretty good education on how to garden in Washington, thanks! : )