Homesteading In The Pacific Northwest

Friday, May 20, 2011

Walkabout ...

I did a walkabout in the garden this morning ... enjoying the *gasp* sunshine!!  Yes ...we have sunshine!  Four days in a row now!

My experimental  Dakota shelling peas are enjoying the warm weather ... 
they are about 2 1/2 feet tall now ...and ...

...that arrow is pointing at a pea pod!!  

The experimental snow peas are feeling pretty good, too!

They are almost 4 feet high and covered with blossoms ...  both types of peas are ones I experimented with by starting them early in soil blocks under lights.  I think that effort paid off; the peas that I sowed directly are way behind these ...

The potatoes are growing well ...

Especially the experimental ones that I started early with a germination mat under the box ...

Here's a peek into the greenhouse ... also known as the
"Paradise Cove Tomato Resort"...

I have drip irrigation in the individual pots and the electric box is for the heater and lights (which I hopefully won't need anymore this season).

The kales, chards and tomatoes in the terrace garden are sunbathing today ... are the lettuces : )

And last, but not least, the strawberries in a "vintage planter box" on the deck are starting to blossom!

I'm going to go back outside now and enjoy the sunshine before planting some cucumber seeds to replace the plants that, as my friend Dorothy put it, "committed suicide due to weather induced depression".


But wait!  Late breaking news!  The all new "Pepper Palace"  : )



  1. Lucky you to have some sunshine!! Enjoy it! Your garden really looks good. I wish that my purple podded peas would get some blossoms. They are at least 4' tall.

  2. Love your strawberry planter. I have yet to have the pleasure of drawing an arrow to any pea pods (in fact, no blooms yet). But I'm hoping (hooping?) it won't be long now.

  3. Robin, I think I jinxed it with my post; it's raining again today.

    Kelly, DH was plant engineer at Bethlehem before they closed; I have 6 of those boxes and I love using them for planters.